Rafał Lemieszewski
Product & Visual Designer


My name is Rafał Lemieszewski. I’m a product and visual designer with 18 years of experience, currently living in Wrocław, Poland.

At the moment, I work on an automated finance platform for large organizations at Rho. In the past I led a redesign of a tool for data scientists at Neptune, I was a lead designer at Piwik PRO—a privacy-focused analytics platform, and managed a design team in Clearcode—an advertising technology software house.

I'm interested in shaping and visualizing complex data-dense information. I value clean typography and well-structured layouts. I'm not crazy about flat design.

I had the opportunity to work with worlds largest brands, such as Klarna, Leroy Merlin, Microsoft, PayPal, Santander, and Qualcomm.


Rafał Lemieszewski